About Us

SUNCO Language School was founded by Anna Ratyńska and Wojciech Ratyński, two people for whom teaching languages is a passion.

Our mission is to assist our clients in communicating more freely in other languages ​​through translation and language training .

At SUNCO, we understand that every one of our ​​clients is unique, learns in different ways , and expects different things from us. This is why we take an individual approach to each of our customers by listening to their needs and custom tailorng the best program for them.

We have had privilege of teaching many different types of people, both privately as well as in companies from various branches, for many years. This unique experience gives us the ability to teach our students languages quickly and effectively in a friendly and stress-free environment.

Participating in our lessons is guaranteed to be a one of a kind great language learning experience. Having a positive attitude it something is very important to our company and is something that you will notice as soon as you start working with us!

SUNCO Language School offers a wide range of language courses for companies and individuals, both in general communication as well as specialized learning at different levels.

Our teachers adjust their teaching methods to the individual needs of our clients. If you are interested in reading more about our offer, we encourage you contact and start working with us. Our school also provides assistance for companies in implementing programs and training funded or co-funded by the European Union.

We offer flexible working hours, tailored to the needs of our clients. Our policy is to only employ qualified teachers and translators whoe share our passion for languages. Our employees are professional and well prepared for the job of teaching and translation.

Anna Ratyńska


Anna Ratyńska is an English and Russian Philologist and translator, who graduated from Warsaw University and has an MBA in Sydney, Australia. Anna has been translating foreign languages, as well as providing training and on-site coordination of language training methodology since 2005.

Wojciech Ratyński


Wojciech Ratyński is a Canadian native speaker of English. He has an educational background from Canada and the USA (Information Technology and Media Studies). In Poland, He has also graduated from the faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology. Since 2007, he has taught English with many successes, he completed a number of courses to prepare for teaching foreign languages, so that his linguistic knowledge combined together with his teaching skills make him a great native speaker who can teach English very well .