Language Courses for People Considering Working or Starting a Company Abroad

If you would like to start working in a different country where they speak another language or start up your company abroad, we can help! Our language school will assist you in the development of your linguistic and communication skills. You will gain the necessary self-confidence in attaining your goals at work or starting up your business abroad. We will assist you with:

  • preparing a business plan in another language
  • preparing for a job interview
  • being ready to deal with everyday situations after moving abroad, for example: at the airport, in a restaurant, in a taxi, in public transport, at the doctor, at the store, asking for directions, in a hotel, and others
  • preparing for and arranging business meetings
  • language preparation for work in various positions, for example: in a bank, office, or as a driver, waiter, bartender, receptionist, lifeguard, and many others
  • language preparation for preparing documentation associated with company registration abroad
  • the preparation and presentation of what your company has to offer
  • staff recruitment
  • human recourses (HR)
  • public relations (PR)
  • negotiations
  • business contracts