Language Courses for People Working Abroad or Foreign Business Owners

If you are already living or working abroad and use a different language and would like like to improve your communication abilities as well as develop your qualifications in order to advance your position on the job market at the same time, we encourage you to learn with us via virtual learning over the internet. We offer several courses on various online communication and learning platforms. You can learn straight from home or the office in a comfortable atmosphere and choose which times are best for you. We provide assistance with:

  • preparing for interviews
  • appropriate language for various situations (for example: at the office, reception, bank, a restaurant, a hotel, and others)
  • using language in everyday life while living abroad
  • business related conversations and meetings


We offer a variety of courses, from which you will certainly find something interesting. If you do not find the course you are looking for, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to prepare a course tailored to your individual needs.

We offer courses at various times and frequencies

  • 1 lesson a week for 60/90 or 120 minutes
  • 2 lessons a week for 60/90 or 120 minutes
  • 3 lessons a week for 60/90 or 120 minutes
  • One day, weekly, monthly, holiday intensive courses according to student’s needs
  • Intensive language courses aimed at preparing you for specific meetings, presentations, and trips

Information and sign ups

For specific language course offers and pricing, please contact us at Your questions will be answered within 24 hours.

Stationary and in-company courses

Our teachers come to you! This eliminates the need to leave the office or your home, saving you time and cutting additional expenses.

We mainly operate in London, England, and Warsaw, Poland.

If you would like to know if we operate in your area, feel free to contact us.

Internet courses

Our services are available world-wide via the internet with a live real-time teacher on various online communication and learning platforms.

Our lessons are with teachers with a linguistic philological educational backgrounds as well as native speakers.