Phrasal Verbs Beginning with “A”

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Abide (1)

Account (1)

Ache (1)

Act (4)

Add (3)

Advise (1)

Agree (1)

Allow (2)

Angle (1)

Answer (2)

Argue (2)

Appeal (1)

Apply (1)

Ask (8)

Auction (1)

definition: (Inseparable) To follow a rule, decision or instruction

example: Everybody must abide by the law.

definition: (Inseparable) To explain the reason for something

example: There are more police in the streets to account for the increase in crime.

definition: (Inseparable) To want something or someone a lot

example: I'm really aching for a nice hot shower!

definition 1: (Inseparable) To take action because of something like information received

example: We must act on the government's decision before stock prices fall.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To affect something

example: The President's foreign policy only acts on certain EU countries.

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To perform something with a series of gestures or actions

example: The actor acted out his role very well in the film.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To express emotion or behaviour

example: The protestors acted out their displeasure with the government by inciting a riot .

definition: (Intransitive) To behave badly or strangely

example: My phone is acting up again. I think I need to buy a new one.

definition 1: (Inseparable) To take action because of information or an event

example: They were acting upon the pretext that they had already won the lottery.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To affect something

example: Consumer spending acts upon market growth.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To include in a calculation

example: You have to add the tax on the price.

definition 2: (Transitive) To make a mathematical sum

example: We still need to add last months sales figures up.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To make sense of or to seem reasonable

example: The witness testimony and evidence just don't add up.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To have a certain result

example: Three kids, two dogs, and a hand full of cookies adds up to hell in a hand basket.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To reach a certain ammount

example: Our bull at the restaurant added up to £74.16.

definition: (Inseparable) To suggest or recommend that doing something is not a good idea

example: The attorney agent advised Lisa and Tom against taking legal action.

definition: (Inseparable) To share the same opinion as someone

example: I agree with Karen, this office is too small.

definition: (Inseparable) To take into consideration

example: We should overestimate the budget in order to allow for unforeseen complications.

definition: (Inseparable) To make possible, to permit

example: The evidence submitted allows of only one possibility.

definition: (Inseparable) To try getting something indirectly, by hinting or suggesting

example: Fred has been angling for a pay raise but I don't think he deserves one.

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To reply rudely to someone in authority

example: Sam isn't very well behaved, he always answers back to his parents.

definition 1: (Inseparable) To be held accountable for something

example: Banks should answer for the housing bubble which caused the financial crisis.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To speak on behalf of someone or for knowing them

example: Tom answered for Cindy because they had similar views on the matter.

definition 1: (Separable [obligatory])To beat someone in a argument, debate, or discussion

example: He clearly argued the rest of the candidates down.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To convince someone to lower the price of an item they are selling

example: I argued the seller down to fifteen percent of the original price.

definition 3: (Separable [optional]) To try and convince someone not to accept a proposal or motion

example: We argued down the contractor's offer.

definition : (Separable [optional]) To argue about a problem in order to find a solution

example: They tried to argue out their differences instead of going to court.

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To make a serious, urgent or heartfelt request

example: Stephan said that he is going to appeal to a higher court for a different verdict.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To be liked by someone

example: Satire is the type of humour that appeals to me the most.

definition: (Separable [optional]) To formally make a request for something (ie: a job, school, a loan)

example: Richard has applied for a new job.

definition: (Inseparable) To ask how someone is doing, particularly in terms of health

example: She asked about my wife and kids.

definition: (Inseparable) To ask about someone's health and how things are going in life

example: He phoned to ask after Lindsey, so I told him she was doing well.

definition: (Intransitive) To ask a number of people for information or help

example: I'll ask around the office tomorrow, maybe someone has seen your phone.

definition 1: (Inseparable) To make a request for something

example: He asked for her phone number.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To provoke a negative reaction

example: You're asking for trouble wearing that in this neighbourhood.

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To invite someone to come into your house

example: A: Frank's outside. B:Why don't you ask him in?

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To invite someone on a date

example: Greg asked Sarah out on Friday.

definition: (Separable [optional]) To invite someone

example: Tony asked us over to his barbecue on Saturday.

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To invite someone

example: We asked Tom and Hedia round for dinner.

definition: (Separable [optional]) To sell something to the highest bidder at an auction

example:Christie's auctioned one of Jimmy Hendrix's guitars off for $100,000.